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Welcome To Our New Studio

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

We made the decision as did many that we would not be beaten by the pandemic and despite all the difficulties presented to us we made our long awaited wish for a bigger studio space an actual reality. Our home based studio had been a success for over a decade but we had outgrown it and needed a bigger space for more creative challenges.

It is only from the huge support of family, friends and our wonderful clients that this has been made possible and we are incredibly grateful to everyone that has helped us. The blood sweat and tears that have gone in to making the space a working studio has been a rollercoaster and we would not change it for the World.

Our new space has opened up so many more possibilities of how we work within it & it is evolving all the time. Multi-generational shoots can simply go bigger and reunion shoots have been such a wonderful addition - bringing groups of family & friends together to celebrate each other having spent so much time apart. We have already welcomed so many portraits from families, bumps, babies and beloved pets in to our new space.

The artistic commissions we can undertake has grown hugely as we can fully personalise our space for fashion shoots, creative commissions & even videography for businesses, and personal branding. We are fully relishing the ideas people are bringing to us.

It has been incredible to see returning faces, and the leap of faith from new ones and we are thankful to everyone who has visited us during the work in progress.

Alongside shooting from the home studio in the past James also worked with the professional wrestling industry for many years. Photographing independent talents, both ringside and backstage, creating promotional imagery with the project 'Portrait Of A Wrestler'. James' images have adorned billboards and programs across the country and beyond. This project abruptly stopped in March 2020 and we were unsure if it would or could return... but the new studio space has welcomed talents from afar to have their portraits captured in our commission based work with bespoke set builds and creative photoshoots. These stylised shoots have allowed us to offer these amazing talents an experience with unique images to help grow and promote their characters & given us the opportunity to build our creative focus.

- This image of Zoe from our very first shoot at the new studio space requires three lights with three different coloured gels: red, Yellow and Blue, and was simply not possible in our smaller studio.

We have also been able to swing open our doors to workshops - an element we are really passionate about. We love to show amateurs and professional photographers how to bust the mysteries of studio lighting and break elements down to digestible and transferable skills.

We are really fortunate to work with such amazing families and individuals and we are so excited for all that is yet to come...from shoots & collaborations to an online Art store - plans are afoot and we look onwards with hearts full.

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