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Personal Branding

Personal Branding shoots start at £595

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is a way of telling a visual story of you and your business, your products or services.  The images are styled and thoroughly thought out, this is different to shots taken at PR and Events, and focuses on the specific message you are conveying to your clients.


Branding your self owned business is an extension of you.  Whatever your business is from personal training or beauty services, from entrepreneurs to influencers, all sole traders and SMES in various industries spanning from financial services & building contractors to wellness coaches and product really does apply to all. 


What Does The Shoot Provide?

A mix - very dependent on you and your business & the image you wish to portray.  It is a more rounded solution specifically for you & may include product photography, videography , live service shots or just stills.  The great thing about personal branding is the shoot is built for you and not the other way around.

Commercial - Web - Socials

The Consultation Process

This is a really important element where we discuss your business, your brand, the ethos and the personality.  We talk about colours, logos, your style, how you dress, whether your brand is casual, fun, corporate focused...and what message you want to convey.

We also discuss ideas, would it be best to include video, should it be on location...and start building an idea of the shoot.  Following your Consultation we provide your quote and shoot proposal. 

The Process

The Shoot Day

Starting with a simple plan we block out the shots. When in the studio we shoot via live tethering so you can instantly see the outcome on the screen as we go. 

At the close of shooting we then go through the content with you - and you pick your 20 showstopper images for us to fully edit for you. 

Because you have picked your favourites on the day we can get the edits to you quickly - normally within 48 hours. 

Elevate Your Brand Today

What is Included?

Our Personal Branding shoots start at £595 - An example of what this starter budget includes would be up to 4 hours at our studio in Portsmouth for your shoot & collaborative edit with 20 edited Digital files.  This provides lots of content for example to be used across website, socials and marketing materials.  A great starting point to build your brand image with. 

Is your business on location, is the service you offer intangible and hard to describe - that's our speciality - get in touch for a consultation either via our quick book calendar or via our form!

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