A Portrait of You

Portraits are a glimpse to people & connections in a single instant 

"The best portraits reflect your personality - it's that simple"

Our Mission

We love meeting new people, and getting to know everyone that comes through our studio door.  We wholeheartedly believe the focus of any portrait is to show you, and how you want to be seen.

We want you to feel pride each time you look at your images, we want you to feel a sense of 'tribe', a sense of 'that's so us, so me' & to be transported back to the feeling you had in the moment we captured YOU.

We understand it can feel daunting to be in front of the camera, but we are here to lift you up.  Our guidance throughout the experience from initial consultation to the shoot day itself will give you the confidence to discover what it is you want to capture & bring it to life.  Visit FAQ's Here

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Your Studio Shoot

- Shoot Consultation

- Photoshoot with photographer 'James Musselwhite'

- At our specifically designed Portrait Studio

- Professional Editing & Retouching 

- 2 hours Shoot*

- Your own image 'Reveal' experience & presentation

 - Portraits are not included in the studio shoot fee, please see our Art Pricing for more information

£180, payable at Consultation

*Shoot duration varies dependent on age ranges involved, all bookings are tailored during your consultation. 

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