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A Portrait of You

"The best portraits reflect your personality - it's that simple"

Our Mission

We love meeting new people in our family run studio here in Portsmouth.  Getting to know everyone that comes through our studio door is a real privilege.  We wholeheartedly believe the focus of any portrait is to show you, and how you want to be seen.

Your Studio Shoot Includes

- Shoot Consultation

- Photoshoot with photographer 'James Musselwhite'

- At our specifically designed Portrait Studio

- Professional Editing & Retouching 

- 2 hours Shoot*

- Your own image 'Reveal' experience & presentation

 - Portraits are not included in the studio shoot fee, please see our Art Pricing for more information

*Shoot duration varies dependent on age ranges involved, all bookings are tailored during your consultation.   

£180 Standard Shoot Fee 

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