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In Colour For Canon

James had the pleasure of being asked to contribute for another feature article for Canon. Click to read article in full

The above image taken from our creative studio Shoot with Wrestler 'Aluna Blue'

'British studio portrait photographer James Musselwhite is inventive and bold with colour and has won several awards for his approach'.

Here at Musselwhite Photography we don't just save the dramatics and the colour for the artistic shots - we shoot to suit to the subject - which means we often use bright colours in family portraits, product and pet photography too.

We want everyone who walks in front of our lense is to see their own fabulous individuality in the images we take. Yes...we have a 'style' and you can often tell just from looking at one of our shots that it's a Musselwhite but ultimately the image is guided by the subject.

The article also features 'London-based fashion and beauty photographer Jade Keshia Gordon' and 'the work of Portuguese wedding and documentary photographer Marisa Martins'. Its clear in the article that each of the photographers has a different approach to using colour in their work, which really showcases the breadth of opportunity there is to present colour in photography. So, have a read - some great portraits to view , a little insight to a photographers working/creative mind and some technical info in there too for those that

Thank you canon for taking the time to feature James - have a read here

*Also...included in the article is a short colour theory video James presented for Canon during a small window of opportunity in 2020!

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