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We Are Levelling Up

We are super pleased to announce that we are successfully settling in to our fabulous new studio.

We have been working hard for months to make the studio our home and whilst the full launch is on the way we are open for bookings NOW.

Having more space has made it possible to go the extra mile in shoots, and we are so excited to

share everything with you. Our lifestyle shoots are truly unique to you and this new space has given us oodles of ideas, and opportunities to make the experience better than ever.

Whilst we get ready to fully open the doors we will be running a little promotion, make sure you follow us on facebook and join 'The Musselwhites' facebook group too, to keep up to date on everything we offer.

Just a taste of what to expect from us...the image above was the very first family shoot in the new studio. The Walsh family were absolute superstars, a returning family one of many we are hoping to welcome back!

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