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Overall Photographer Of The Year 2021

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

James Musselwhite from Musselwhite Photography has won the Highest Award at the Societies Convention March 2022.

The winning image of 'Cassius' described as ‘An incredible and haunting, RAW capture' by the judges first won the category 'In Camera Artistry'. A particularly difficult category that requires no editing, the image entered must have no manipulation and be exactly as it was shot - IN CAMERA. The intrigue is understandable if not only that on first glance the image appears to be black & white! The image went on to win James 'Overall photographer Of The Year' and we could not be more proud.

We are incredibly proud to have won with this image as it was a collaboration between James and Fliss' ideas combined & shows just how strong our combined work is. The wonderful images from this shoot were a further collaboration between artists and model too. We were lucky enough to have Cassius in for a promo shoot, and knowing he would be perfect for this idea we approached him for the opportunity to capture this at the same time. Cassius was of course an absolute superstar...and so this shot came to be. Shooting tethered was a huge help as we were able to really see the the concept come to life & more importantly so could Cassius. It makes all the difference during shoots like this to really see and understand what it is we want to achieve, for us it has been a game changer in creative shoots in bringing all of the ideas together.

We will be sharing in more detail how the image came about once the 'dust has settled'!

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