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Dance Events

What is Captured At A Dance Event?

There are two types of coverage we shoot as standard at a Performance:   

A portrait studio is set up by us usually backstage to capture each of the performers in their full costumes.


Show Coverage is captured during full costume rehearsals on the day and during the live performances to ensure we capture multiple shots of each performer.  

This suits most performances - do let us know if you require something different. 

We cover events at theatres such as The Kings Theatre & New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth across the South Coast.  

To Book Your Event...

Let us know your date to book in, and we have a quick chat to secure the date and get an idea of what you need.

Nearer the performance date we need your set list so we can create the gallery for your dancers and your performance day itinerary so we know where we need to be & when. 

How Do We View The Images?

All Images are uploaded normally within 24 hours to an online gallery for your performers to see.  Pre-registration is  available immediately so everyone is notified as soon as the upload is complete.

Dedicated Landing Page & Flyers

To help create seamless management of the event coverage... 

We provide flyers printed specifically for your event for you to give to all audience members & performers with instructions on how to view the images & the dedicate Landing Page Link Info. 

Your Dedicated Landing Page is created especially for your event.  This includes ordering tips, discount deadlines, the gallery access link & a quick contact form for questions and additional help. 

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