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Waterfall Shoots - A Different kind of Shoot

We are so pleased to bring to life more ideas that again have only been made possible with our new studio space.

The latest in our experimental shoots has been the waterfall shoots. We are launching this to dancers and performers but actually it has a place for anyone that would like a stunning image on their wall to remind them every day of just how awesome they truly are.

This magical shoot brings the water in as a glistening backdrop lit with coloured gels it brings an all important dazzle to shoots and ensures every shoot is truly unique.

Its just something a little bit different because - why not! People do ask how and why we create these things and honestly we approach all shoots in a very 'why not' want to be a superstar for the day - why not? You want to dress your dad up in a tutu...why not? You want to feel like a jedi...why not (more on that coming soon!)

If you would like to book a place on our waterfall studios - our next available date is 22nd April. Book HERE

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