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Lighting Workshops With Award Winning Photographer this April

Yes we are mentioning it again - because we are super proud of the award & James' amazing achievement.

We have put two dates in the calendar for workshops that help both amateur and professionals hone their skills with some wonderful insights from James himself. For those of you that have not seen James talk you are in for a treat. The energy James brings to his workshops is infectious and you will instantly understand his love for his craft.

A snippet of 'silent posing' from a live shoot workshop at the MPA

It is no accident that James has spoken at the SWPP in London on numerous occasions in addition to speaking for the MPA & The Photography Show, plus the WPPI in Las Vegas. James' favourite workshops are live shooting and really getting hands on, answering questions and helping others digest the skills they are learning through practical experience.

Visit the links for more information and to book

Advanced Studio Lighting on Thursday 28th April

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