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Thank you for Booking Your Date - Next Steps...

Step 1. Confirm

To confirm your booking please purchase the shoot. 

We cannot hold unpaid shoots for more than 24 hours

Step 2. Prepare

Have a chat with your superstar about the kit they want to wear & the props they want to bring.  We will give you a call to go through your shoot in detail but if we miss anything in the chat drop us an email or give us a bell! 

There is time for outfit changes during your session so bring a selection.  Talk to us about favourite/ colours, icons anything that inspires your superstars.  Also think about where the images will be going!

Step 3. The Shoot

There is parking right outside our studio: 17 Fairway Business Centre, Airport Service Road, PO3 5NU. 

There's not much else to say - come in have a cuppa and watch your superstar shine in their very own shoot.   Then make your choices at the end of the session of what you would like to keep. 

That's It...we look forward to seeing you soon. 

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